I wonder…

The relentless pursuit, an unending chase and then heartache,
The intense urge to posses, to own and partake.
The joyous victories and the inevitable heartbreak.
Has it been worth the effort ? I wonder,
Have made a few memories, but will they last a lifetime !

The arguments ,the fights and the standoffs,
The deliberate stabs, the venomous tongues,
The bruised egos, the harsh stance, the hateful stare,
Has it been worth the fight ? I wonder,
A battle was won , but did I lose the war !

An early dream, so carefully nurtured ,
Wanted it so bad , that’s all that mattered ,
Lost my innocence , my youth unmanaged
Has it been worth not living ? I wonder
The dream achieved , but the meaning has changed

Credits: Var-Shi

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Yeh kaun aaj mujhse takra gaya

Baatein hai alag, par bol hai wahi
Raste hai juda, par manzil hai wahi
Baaton mein apni uljha gaya, Kuch soye khwabon ko jaga gaya
Yeh kaun aaj mujhse takra gaya…

Hasratein hai kai, par chahat hai wahi
Tanha hai dil, par saathi koi nahi
Aakhon mein ghum ko chupa gaya, Kuch naye raag bhi suna gaya
Yeh kaun aaj mujhse takra gaya…

Zinda hai woh, par jeeta kyon nahi
Haara nahi hai, phir himmat karta kyon nahi
Apna aaina mujhe dikha gaya, haste haste woh rula gaya
Yeh kaun aaj mujhse takra gaya…

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Koi mile

Jasbaaton ki tez andhiyon mein,
Haath thaamne waala koi mile,
Andheron mein behte is dil ko,
Ek mazboot kinara koi mile.
Maangta hoon dua main us rab se…
Toote sapnon ke aaine mein simti
Bheegi palken aur rohti rooh ko,
Sukoon ka kaandha koi mile.

Asmaan mein udti in khwahishon ko,
Hosla badhane wala koi mile,
Bhatakti is shaksiyat ko,
raasta dikha ne wala koi mile.
Maangta hoon dua main us rab se…
Is ajnabi musafir ke
Khoye rishton aur bichdi yaadon ko,
Antim thikana koi mile.

Credits: Var-shi

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Main hi main

Astra bhi main shastra bhi main,
Chot bhi main marham bhi main,
Dost bhi main dushman bhi main,
Kya koi maarega mujhe
Jab jeevan bhi main maran bhi main.

Dukh bhi main dukhi bhi main,
Sukh bhi main sukhi bhi main,
Apna bhi main paraya bhi main,
Kya karunga saathi ka main
Jab bheed bhi main tanha bhi main.

Asal bhi main nakal bhi main,
Shakal bhi main akal bhi main,
Kaaya bhi main saaya bhi main,
Kya karoge mujhe dhoond kar
Jab khoya bhi main paaya bhi main

Jal bhi main sookha bhi main,
Aag bhi main jala bhi main,
Aman bhi main jalan bhi main,
Kya aaina dikhaoge mujhe
Jab chehra bhi main mukhota bhi main.

Lauv bhi main aandhi bhi main,
Godse bhi main Gandhi bhi main
Sukoon bhi main peeda bhi main,
Kab tak saath nibhaoge tum
Jab jalsa bhi main janaaza bhi main.

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Kyon darta hai tu?

Jo aaj tere dil ke hai sabse kareeb,
Ho sakta hai kal woh bahut door ho,
Zindagi ki is akeli raah mein,
Bas phir uski yaadon ka hi suroor ho.
Par woh aaj hai yahi, tere dil ke kareeb
Kyon darta hai tu
milega tujhe woh sab jo hai tera naseeb
Seekh kuch us dost se, samjha kuch us dost ko
Jo lamhe saath guzarte hai
Qaid na kar us mauj ko

Jin lamhon ko tune apna samjha tha,
Ho sakta hai kal woh bahut paraye ho,
Yaadon mein jinke tum muskaraya karte the,
Unhi cheheron ne phir dil dukhaye ho,
Chheen liye the khushi ke do pal jo tune zindagi se,
Samet le usse apni yaadon ke aainey mein,
Kyon darta hai tu
Ummeed ki bandhishon ko tod tum,
Anjaam ke dar ko chhod tum,
Badhake kadam us roshni ki taraf,
Chal pado zindagi ke us naye mod tum.

Credits: Var-shi

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Yeh hai mera yaar

She says:
Likh ke ruk jaana, ruk ke keh jaana
Aisi aadat hai mere yaar ki
Chal ke tham jaana, tham ke mud jaana
Aisi fitrat hai mere yaar ki

Dosti mein lad jaana, lad kar haq jataana
Aisi neeyat hai mere yaar ki
Labon pe hasi sajaana, hasi se gham chupana,
Aisi kismat hai mere yaar ki

Baaton mein uljha jaana, Uljhan mein khamoshi sun jaana
Aisi tarbiyat hai mere yaar ki
Bheed mein mera tanha rehna, tanhai mein gum ho jaana,
Aisi shikayat hai mujhse mere yaar ki

He says:
Sapno mein khushiyan dhoondhna, us khushi se phir mayoos ho jaana
Aisi masoomiyat hai mere yaar ki
Jazbaaton ke bahav mein beh jaana, jwaar ke khilaaf phir tair wapas aana
Aisi himmat hai mere yaar ki

Doston ka har mod saath nibhana, unke andhero mein ek lau jalana
Aisi shaksiyat hai mere yaar ki
Chhoti chhoti baaton par khil khilake hansna, hanste hanste phir ro jaana
Aisi harkat hai mere yaar ki

Aasaan nahin hai dosti nibhaana, aur usse bhi kathin hai sacche doston ko paana
Dua maango raat din aise yaar ki .

Credits: Var-shi

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Two strangers

It was a night lonely and cold
While I lay in my bed chatting with a man of a different mould,
What started as weird became interesting,
With every minute my eyes skipped resting.

He called up and made me laugh
A promising story with a great second half,
We argued, he teased, I bared it all
I took the plunge and went for the free fall.

Shared my mirror and the self doubt
He promised to kiss to kill it out,
There will be no pretense, he said no lies
With a vow to meet we said our good byes.

When the day came, I wasn’t so sure
Forget about him, what if I am left asking for more,
He assured me and asked me not to fear
What could possibly go so wrong? He said it loud and clear.

He caught my eye, I skipped a beat
I wasn’t ready as yet to get off my seat,
He sat down, gave me company
Relaxed my nerves while my heart played symphony.

He looked amazed and startled from a distance
Wasn’t sure what to make of this acquaintance,
He took me to his land and made me see
Where he works and what makes him he.

He made the move to shut the world out
I squirmed at the thought of the rules we may flout,
Fear, excitement, emotions I was abound
Could hear faint familiar song in the background.

He took my hand, asked me for a dance
Waltzed in my life with that one glance,
He said, How I feel, do you want to know?
Read my eyes and moved his lips real slow.

Took me in his arms and read me like a braille
I tried to stop but my intent did fail,
His gentle strokes took my breath away
Two strangers became one that day.

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