Darr lagta hai

Darr lagta hai
Andheron se
Andhere mein gum kayi saayon se
Kuch saayon ke bure iraadon se
Iraadon ke kamzor pad jaane se
Darr lagta hai

Khamoshiyon se
Khomishi mein dabi Chahaton se
Chahat ke nakaam manzar se
Aur Manzar ke raakh ho jaane se
Darr lagta hai

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Aaj phir …

Raat ke andheron mein, Chadar ki salwaton ke beech
Takiye ke neeche chupe, Kuch alfaaz aaj phir jaag pade

Ghum the woh kahin, Roz marrah ki zindagi mein
Zindagi ki daud mein peeche choote, woh Armaan, woh chahatein
Aaj khamoshiyon ko sun, woh jazbaat aaj phir jaag pade

Bhula diya tha jinhe , roz ki mazdoori mein
Duniyadaari mein, aur kuch khokhli yaari mein
Apne zinda hone ke ehsaas se
Woh khayaal aaj phir jaag pade

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Naye Manzar…

Kya manzar hai, Hai naye raahi
Yahi kahin bichadi hai meri parchai
Raaste hai kayi , Saathi hai naye
Bheed mein gum, kuch anjaan dost ban gaye
Yaadein hai jawaan, afsoos se pare
Saath chale hai kuch, kuch saath chhodte gaye
Nain hai nam, ummeed se bhare
Sukoon hai, hosle is baar kam na pade.

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Socho toh sahi

Ek aur din dhal gaya, shaam ho chali
Bimaar log hai kai, Rog-har kuch kahin
Gharon main band, duaein bad rahi
Dooriya badhao, warna kal hum sab nahi

Ek hai kaatil, kroor jeev sa
Humein chala haraane, dushmano ki tarah
Satark ho jao, aye doston
Ajar amar na ho jaye, kahin yeh jeev toh

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Waqt ki hai baisaat bichhi
waqt ki hai shart nayi
waqt ki hai kami kahin
waqt ki hai zaroorat yahin

waqt ne kuch manzar hai dikhaye
waqt ne hai kuch kisse naye sunaye
waqt ne kuch aansoo hai rulaye
waqt ne paath bhi hai kuch padhaye…

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Finding you…

I have been looking all around to find you
to hear you through the radio silence
for a reassurance that you are still mine
clinging on that last hope that keeps me afloat
a silver lining to take me ahead
and believe in every word that you said.

I have been looking all around to find you
and when i did…
you were lost in the shadows of the world
all trying to claim a piece of you
while you waited for the black sky to turn blue
I wish you were mine, untouched by the world
I could take you away and hide you from the preying eyes
I would if you say so, as I am done living the lies.

There was a time I would hear you laugh, tease and smile
and now I dont even recollect the feel of your skin or the colour of your eyes
I hope to find you soon
as I fear I am losing my emotion, memories of our time together
But most of all, I fear I will lose you before I even find you.

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I wonder…

The relentless pursuit, an unending chase and then heartache,
The intense urge to posses, to own and partake.
The joyous victories and the inevitable heartbreak.
Has it been worth the effort ? I wonder,
Have made a few memories, but will they last a lifetime !

The arguments ,the fights and the standoffs,
The deliberate stabs, the venomous tongues,
The bruised egos, the harsh stance, the hateful stare,
Has it been worth the fight ? I wonder,
A battle was won , but did I lose the war !

An early dream, so carefully nurtured ,
Wanted it so bad , that’s all that mattered ,
Lost my innocence , my youth unmanaged
Has it been worth not living ? I wonder
The dream achieved , but the meaning has changed

Credits: Var-Shi

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