Yet another step…

I was so upset the last time I wrote a proper post that I had actually taken a sort of vow to not write for a while as I felt so disgusted by the whole issue.

Anyways…the point being, whenever I am down and out, I do well. How ironic! I perform best under pressure, I do double the work when I am angry and I am open to new things when I shut myself. And ever since I got this new PC there have been great learnings instore for me every week. Things that I so wanted to do but was scared and even skeptical at times to take it up.

So for another technical update, I have started using torrents !
Torrents are, must say, brilliant stuff. Seen seven movies in ten days. One in hall, 6 on computer after downloading them through torrents. And another one is on its way of downloading.

The movies I saw :
Before sunrise
Before sunset
Requim for a dream
The departed
Little Miss Sunshine
Love actually
Heyy babyy (Hall)

“Memento” is the one which is downloading right now.

I have also started helping people on Yahoo answers. And I already have 24 of my answers being chosen as Best answers in less than a weeks time !

Updates on personal front: Amazed at the strict financial control I am able to exercise on myself, making truce with myself, trying to forgive n seek forgiveness, cant believe I am gymming regularly and still in search for ways to keep my boredom at bay.

Like I once told this friend of mine while describing myself

I am one hyperactive kid 🙂

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  1. sanosh says:

    ok it seems tat u r becoming too techy 🙂 these day .
    just drop words with fine tune, i find them interesting and readable as well.

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