Yet another one

I have been studying continuously (and appearing for exams) for the past 22 years continuously.

Ever since I got out of school, I have hardly studied before appearing for the exam. Be it the CETs or the final examinations. I just didnt study well. Just a day or two of studying. Infact for more than 2 courses I just opened the books a day before the exam (I am not boasting about it, cos I aint proud of it). And each time the results appeared, I breathed a sigh of relief for having cleared it, and would think how much better it would have been had i studied. The typical thought of:

Agar bina padhe itne marks aa gaye agar padh leti to kitne achhe aate marks

And then I would almost quietly promise myself that it wont be repeated since now I know what its like. But yet again, the exam times come, I dont open the books throughout the year, and then start studying 12 hours before the exam.

And this coming from a person who is doing specialisation in the field of Education…. Not done !!

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