The post I had written about Oralift sometime back, has landed itself for being displayed on their official website under ‘Links to other websites about Oralift Facial Rejuvenation’.

Check it out !!

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11 Responses to Wierd…

  1. Congrats, good to get some recognition πŸ˜€

  2. Barso says:

    yea congrats, thats free publicity from a respected source. cool!!

  3. Varshita says:

    umm… I dunno I find it wierd and funny.

  4. Yep, my crappy unedited tweak list of services got published on a media site πŸ˜› and they didnt edit it too! Weird enough.

  5. Rahul Gupta says:

    Congrats varshita , ur blog is getting more n more popular. What else can u ask for than free publicity from good sources.


  6. Varshita says:

    Like I got from yours and from harsh (qwerty) too πŸ™‚

  7. Hey, can we interchange ie and ei in any word? Weird or Wierd? Lolz I used to get one mark cut off for writing thier instead of their as my teacher used to say…

  8. Varshita says:

    Well noted harsh. I guess the rule says, “I before E other than in case of C”. Which means that “i” should always come before “e” except for when its after “c”. Like its receive not recieve.

    But this word Wierd is supposed to be spelt as ‘Weird’ , which means I wrote wrong spellings. I spoke to Gunjan (Masters in English) and we came to a conclusion that its probably the sound of “v” which includes both v and w, which might be an exception to this rule. But then “their’ also doesnt follow that rule.

    So I guess the spelling rules are kind of weird !!

  9. There, you got me with a bouncer… Weird/Wierd

  10. Varshita says:

    Finally I get a chance to get back at you for writing bouncer posts at your site.

    Yey Yey !! πŸ˜€

  11. Srivatsava says:

    Hee Haw Haw!! that was nice! gonna get meself one rightaway!!!

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