Why do we celebrate Karvachauth?

Happy Karvachauth people !!

So its that time of the year again when women fast for the long lives of their husbands / fiancees. Even unmarried women fast in anticipation and for their would be husbands, who are still unknown. Well after around 8 years, I broke that ritual and didnt fast today. Just didnt feel like as I dont think anyones worth it till he actually arrives.

This story actually inspired me to keep away from fasting. So read on…

Ek samay ki baat hai Lakshmiji ka wahan ‘ULLU’ unse rooth gaya aur bola ‘Apki sab puja karte hai, mujhse koi nahi puchta’. Lakshmiji boli ‘Ab se har saal meri puja se 11 din pehle tumhari puja hogi. Uss din sirf ULLU puje jayenge ….

Tab se Diwali ke 11 Din pehle KARVACHAUTH keh kar manaya jata hai.

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  1. haha
    Good story.

    By the way it was there in Outlook magazine that sale of Condoms surge during the period around Karva chauth 😛

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