Who make for a sucessful pair?

This is an old post…. but since I am in a pretty odd mood, I have a lot of clearing up to do.

Today while watching Kofee with karan, I heard Javed Akhtar say something that I always believed in. It wasnt something new to me, but I loved the way it was put across.

He said that the two people in the relationship shouldnt be alike, cos then there isnt the need of the other. One is sufficient. They shouldnt be totally different aswell cos then they cant survive together. What is required then for a sucessful relationship is a few set of likes and dislikes, which keeps it going and keeps it interesting. Both partners should look at enriching themselves from the other rather than expecting the other to become like them.

I felt like clapping for what he said so beautifully, cos I failed to express this to someone in the manner that he did. I have been in a situation where I feel I meant exactly the same, but I dont think I ever had those words to say it as simply and accurately as he just did. Aah, so similar to the the desperation of Meg Ryan in “You’ve got mail”.

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