Where has the breakfast gone?

I remember my childhood days (and before you get started, let me clear the air, they arent that far away in history) and how breakfast was not something that required a special mention. It was there. Like any other normal routine. Be it stuffed paranthas, maggi, chole bhature, grilled sandwiches, egg or whatever. It was there. No issues.

Then came a period of ‘Mom what’s for breakfast?’ when paranthas became oily, maggi’s new taste-maker was developed and that option went out of the window as well, chole bhature were fattening. There were hardly a few options left for ‘breakfast’.

And now I hardly eat breakfast. Breakfast is an event. I am asked by friends or colleagues ‘breakfast kiya kya?

A discussion at dining table with dad led me to write this post. Its nothing but a change of lifestyle. During childhood I had all the time in the world to eat, taste and relish anything and everything as breakfast. Then I became choosy. And now I have no time for it. And when I do, its not available.

I hate getting up early in the morning. And maybe this post is here cos its 5.30 in the morning and I am sure I will get one today. I so so wish to have my office at 10, so that I can relish a ‘breakfast’. But then as dad puts it, even then I wont find time as I would start getting up at 9 🙁

tch tch !

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