When you go missing… this is what happens

A poet, wannabe singer and an excellent friend to all of us, ‘Varshita Mahajan’ will always be remembered for several firsts to her credit during her eventful 26(??) years. Her sentimental mood, bizarre persona and ability to woo men at will had earned her the sobriquet “Varshi”. Varshita died at the age of 26(??) in a freak accident when she suffered a massive heart-attack seeing that there were no more men in the world left to woo, survived by her wonderful memories and silky hair. Her jaded gobbledygook poetry will remain in our memories forever.

Let her soul allow GOD to live in peace. Amen

~Courtesy Shubhank~

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3 Responses to When you go missing… this is what happens

  1. Shubhank (who else) says:

    I rock!!!!

  2. Harshit says:

    now… It’s strange!

  3. Sgcray says:

    Thats copied from the movie – Amelie

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