When you get a weekend off…

Every now and then I crib about working on sundays, and after a long time I have a 2 day weekend. Even if I have had it in the past, I have spent my saturdays out with friends. So, I think this is practically my first weekend home after I guess a few ages!!

I have done tv surfing, room cleaning, clothes washing, mail checking. I have also gone out to get some stuff and make payments. I have done almost everything I could think of. And I am bored as usual.

I want to play Mario. Want have a pizza. Want to have nachos. want to have a Rain dance. Right now.

I think I am kiddo. Period.

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3 Responses to When you get a weekend off…

  1. Atul Varaskar says:

    Ahahahaha!!!! we have another KIDDO here 😛

  2. bluediamond says:

    haha.. all are KIDDO’s! 😀

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