What do i do?

…or should I say what can I do?

My boss just told me today that she is quitting in a months time.

Its a loss, both personal as well as professional. I think I will just leave it at that.

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3 Responses to What do i do?

  1. Amit Sharma says:


    i was searching a song “zara nazar utha ke dekho” and i came to this site.

    its too good to leave without commenting.

    Good job done i must say..

    keep it up.


  2. shamoni8 says:

    details please.
    lol no. dunno what you do or your equation with her, but yeah, most professional relationships are complete mind fucks. they keep chopping and changing and shit and u just have to move on. its weird, but not much else u can do, init?

  3. Sgcray says:

    God! this blog opens here! So how can I sub lease a blog on this site? To write when I am bored in office… 🙂 Alas , maybe its too late… cos I am leaving to new firewalls soon

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