Was it me or it was you

With every night fondness grew
All the old memories I then threw
Holding hands on a rainy day
Sniffing the perfume I had sprayed
Was it me or it was you
Looking for someone as special as you

Blow hot and blow cold were the days
Fighting with many in different ways
Only hope was the love within
Scared we were for our smooth sailing
Was it me or it was you
Hurting with smile a few

Days spent discovering our tale
Few months passed few then failed
Uncovering many hidden sides
Making an effort struggling with smile
Was it me or it was you
Shocked surprised angry and blue

Sun came out and shined bright
Struck a cord made the mayhem delight
They got happy with what they saw
The match eventually came to a draw
Was it me or it was you
Relieved when hatred bid adieu

Few years and going strong
Not realizing it has been that long
Built a castle of our dreams
Sharing a life as easy as it seems
Was it me or it was you
Holding hands while time just flew

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  1. Deb says:

    Really good writing…..carry on.

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