Wana guess?

Any guesses?

Let the gossip begin !

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16 Responses to Wana guess?

  1. Shubhank says:

    You could have adopted someone younger.

  2. vineeta says:

    Meri Gun kahan hai??

  3. Shubhank says:

    Woah…we have a hostile situation.

    BTW what are you two looking at?

  4. Shubhank says:

    Choosing a wedding card?

  5. Anshit says:

    selecting one for us

  6. Shubhank says:

    Varshita be careful. They might arrest you for child marriage.

  7. Anshit says:

    tujhe jalan ho rahi hai shubu?:P

  8. vineeta says:

    sab side ho jao-situation aab mere hath mein hai. Tumare wedding card ki to aisi ki taisi…

  9. Shubhank says:

    Anshu se jalan.
    nah…aaj nahi to kal tu qurbani de dega 😛

  10. Shubhank says:

    shit I hate the smileys here.

  11. Varshita says:

    Is that all that you hate here?

  12. Anshit says:

    no, he hates “us” being together

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