Two strangers

It was a night lonely and cold
While I lay in my bed chatting with a man of a different mould,
What started as weird became interesting,
With every minute my eyes skipped resting.

He called up and made me laugh
A promising story with a great second half,
We argued, he teased, I bared it all
I took the plunge and went for the free fall.

Shared my mirror and the self doubt
He promised to kiss to kill it out,
There will be no pretense, he said no lies
With a vow to meet we said our good byes.

When the day came, I wasn’t so sure
Forget about him, what if I am left asking for more,
He assured me and asked me not to fear
What could possibly go so wrong? He said it loud and clear.

He caught my eye, I skipped a beat
I wasn’t ready as yet to get off my seat,
He sat down, gave me company
Relaxed my nerves while my heart played symphony.

He looked amazed and startled from a distance
Wasn’t sure what to make of this acquaintance,
He took me to his land and made me see
Where he works and what makes him he.

He made the move to shut the world out
I squirmed at the thought of the rules we may flout,
Fear, excitement, emotions I was abound
Could hear faint familiar song in the background.

He took my hand, asked me for a dance
Waltzed in my life with that one glance,
He said, How I feel, do you want to know?
Read my eyes and moved his lips real slow.

Took me in his arms and read me like a braille
I tried to stop but my intent did fail,
His gentle strokes took my breath away
Two strangers became one that day.

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