Titanic Two the surface: Jack’s back

If the trailer of the sequel of Titanic is anything to go by, it will surely be a rage but not as great as the original. Everyone knows Jack (Leonardo Dicaprio) died in the original. But hold your breath he returns in the sequel. :D. ( a friend just said.. kya bakwaas hai.. koi hindi movie thode hi hai )

Before you start wondering if its a ghostly story, let me clear the air by saying that its the most foolish concept that Hollywood could ever come up with to base a movie on.

Anyways, Jack returns frozen in an ice slab, and voila there he is all alive and kicking! But poor rose is dead now. So we dont get to see Kate winslet in the movie.

So its like a person who returns after years only to a world that he isnt aware of… i.e. his future… where nothing that he knew earlier exists anymore. Add to that some scientists who want to keep him captivated for scientific observations n tests n blah blah blah. But our hero runs away to the New world. So we have nostalgia, we have action and emotional melodrama. We also get to see John Cusack (slimmer n sexier) and Winona Ryder in the movie.

Arent they aping bollywood for concepts now? Cos it surely seems like that to me!

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2 Responses to Titanic Two the surface: Jack’s back

  1. Harsh says:

    Erm, its just a mash-up 😕

  2. Varshita says:

    The way i know it now…. its a fake trailer 😀

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