The untold story

When I was lonely, he became my friend
in those dark nights, he was there till the end
There was so much to know, so much to learn
and when it came to resting, we were taking turns
then one night he made me sing
we had no clue what that beginning would bring
anticipation, expectation, such a surprise was instore
on the D-day, we were left asking for more
we hit a hattrick in the very beginning
and its euphoria left us both grinning
was it me longing for someone
or overvaluing that presence of someone
that only time could tell…..

Oh it was lovely, felt so true
with each passing day our fondness grew
a rollercoaster ride could be put to a shame
it would be ‘fun’, initially he did claim
see-saw it seems for long we played
the more we got, the more we craved
When I was low he pulled me up
when he went down, I did show up
I became his lady, he became my man
soon our little love story began
that touch, that smile, that breath was mine
everything he did for me was a bright sunshine
I lit his world, and he glowed in mine
sooner than later we did cross the line

We were happy, thankfully not gay
no matter what time it was, we had so much to say
we giggled, we shared some pathetick jokes
we were painting our lives with varied strokes
we bared our souls to know it all
planned to hang some memories on the wall
he held my hand once on the street
life was bliss, we felt complete

Everything seemed perfect until one day
a storm began, while our house was of clay
we were clueless, werent yet ready
we were beginning to lose strength already
fear and anger were bringing it all down
our story was the talk of the town
he gave up, gave up so soon
while I kept harping our love tune
He needed me and I stood by
what we had built, couldnt just let it die

When love triumphed, what followed was guilt
soon indecisiveness made the balance tilt
I did blunders and he forgot to forgive
Something I would regret as long as I live
voices went down and silence crept in
love was struggling for survival deep within
what was right and what was wrong
the questioning kept growing more strong

I was trying to save as much as I could
Insecurity definitely didnt do any good
so blinded by love, oh yes I was
wanted to do what anyone in love does
persist and wait for the tide to change
my ways, my words he did find strange

one and two the days went by
matching my pace, oh he did try
slowly and gradually we lost love
lost trust, lost faith, and
feelings that he started to shove
its unfair for me to question his stand
I had pushed him to the no-man’s land
I always wanted to see him happy and gay
what I so wished for him, was what I took away

we wanted to walk till the end
but on the way I lost my dear friend
in life you gain some, you lose some
my heart still beats but is now numb
I keep praying and hoping against hope
even while I m going straight down the slope
destiny is what we did try and mould
here’s a true story thats never really been told.

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  1. woods says:

    Lovely, enjoyed every line of it…

  2. Garima says:

    Delighted to read your trademark poetry after a long time….Hope all’s well 🙂
    Take care

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