The problem with me

I think aloud
I speak my mind
I dont think and speak
I love and let it be known
I dont manipulate in relationships
I dont hide stuff
I am more concerned about the person I love than my own self
I get angry and blabber
I change myself for the person I love
I accept my mistakes
I say sorry and mean it
I persist
I dont have an ego
I dont believe in religion
I believe in working on the problems
I try till I lose
I dont give up easily
I am a hogger for love
I forgive easily
I dont forget ( life would be so damn easy with the absence of this one little thing!!)
I need clarity
I look for reasons
I search for answers
I let people become the center of my happiness
I let people believe I dont have a center of happiness within
I talk a lot
I be myself
I cant have a two face
I believe in complete transparency in relationships

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One Response to The problem with me

  1. Sals says:

    Just happened to come across your blog accidentally, and this particular post caught my eye…don’t know how, don’t know why…I just started reading…and as I read, I felt like my computer had turned into a mirror – I was staring right at myself in some sense…I don’t really know what the point of commenting on this similarity is, but hey it’s out there in the wide wide world, so I perhaps feel better for it!

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