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Has it ever happenned to you that you have had something that you were really looking forward to, something for which you had really prepared and it just simply misfires? Something for which you had eagerly awaited, made plans for and that thing never happenned or didnt work out??

Do you altleast get a solace from the situation that you expected this to happen? You had it at the back of your mind that things always go wrong at the last moment, so it was bound to happen. Nothing new to it. So in a way were you prepared for it somehow?

Why does it happen? How do you feel at that moment? Are you angry or are you sad? How do you vent those feelings? What to do with that irritation of things always going wrong at the right time? Who is to be blamed? Your over-expectation of the situation or the destiny? What do you do to get over that sulking feel? Is there a hidden meaning that life is trying to convey? What is it?

Tell me…

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  1. manu says:

    main to deevaar main punch kar ke …ya bahuut exercise kar ke marr jata haoon and the next day …evrthing is fine fine fine
    aapana maanana hai tu apna kaam kar upar vaala apna kareenga
    *Phatela jeeb sil jyega….*

  2. ritesh says:

    call me

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