Tears and Fears

Unlike many people, I cry pretty easily. Be it a touchy movie, a senti conversation, or simply to see the person I love (family or friends) in pain. I cant take it. I have a whole gamut of emotions that simply flood my system and we see some good thick tears rolling down my cheek.

But yeah, the contacts have done some great job for me. It atleast avoids me from shedding tears 70% of the times and thats a big one ! 😀

And now since you would be wondering the stupid reason behind this even stupider ( if there were to exist any such word) post, let me clear the air. Its not just easy for me to cry but it also isnt an ego issue for me. I simply have no qualms in crying. Infact almost always it helps me feel better. Much better. But trust me its not the case with many people I have known. Men in our society are sermoned since childhood to stop crying as they are class apart. They just keep bottling it up for god knows what day !

I dont know why people are so afraid of shedding them, of sharing their sensitive side, or letting people know that they are hurt!! I personally feel, tears are nothing but a safety valve that god has given to all of us (like pressure cookers). Whenever you feel a rush of emotions, feel pain, feel sad, feel the hurt, it pinches you somewhere. And you are required to cry. Cry for yourself rather than for someone.

There was a time, when people led a relaxed life. And now we are in an age where people are being taught the art of breathing. Excuse me !! Did i miss something? Breathing of all the things? Wasnt that supposed to be a regular feature of our existance? You breathe hence you are.

Anyways, it seems we have forgotten the art of crying aswell. I was watching this movie the other day called “Holiday” and the character played by Cameroon diaz had to make such great efforts to shed tears. And alas she did. At the very end. Jokes apart, thats the bare truth, the ugly reality.

Much in the same way, not just men, but even women in the garb of being strong have done away with shedding tears. Who cries? Cry babies or the ones who have loads of crocodile tears. Not even once do we say, the ones who feel. The ones who emote, the ones who truly live. Tch Tch…

Being a somewhat good cook, I can only disguise my message by saying that if you keep bottling up your emotions, its either going to ruin the food you are cooking, or create a mess in your kitchen.

Carefully take your pick. All the best !

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  1. Mahip says:

    Hi Varshita,

    An interesting and well-articulated piece. You do appear to be someone who wears her on her sleeve which in today’s day n age is a rarity. I do write sometimes and would love to get your opinion on what can best be termed as my ravings and rantings. Do mail me on mahipsingh@hotmail.com if you have the time. Have a good weekend.

    Kind regards,


    P.S.: Please DO NOT put any of the above on the website. I would have mailed you direct but for some reason I cannot find your direct email id.

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