Teaching is fun

There are days when I would really contradict the title. But the fact remains I am just loving every bit of it.

I dont deny the fact that there are days when I feel I am done with this profession and get worried to look around for something new to keep me busy. Infact today began as one such day. But by the end of it all, I had a smile on my face and I guess that just said it all.

What frustrates me in this profession is its pace and what excites is the immediate response you get for your performance. You just simply know for yourself that you just had a great class. The spark in your kids ( yeah yeah… I refer to my students as kids now… feel so old :-P ) just gives that high that I got no words to explain that feeling. I can just simply sing …. :)

I remember when I was in school or even in college for that matter I hated the teachers who were just interested in teaching. Dont get all confused as to what else are they supposed to do ? Trust me there is much more than mere “teaching”. And I have learnt it only in the past 2-3 years. And if today my students come up to tell me that they like my lectures (read classes) it is only cos I am not there to just teach.

Past year gave me an exposure to people whom I loved for their style and way of teaching. I hated Philosophy of Education in my B.Ed days and now who can believe that I am teaching this very subject to B.Ed students !! And I have no qualms in accepting that I owe it all to Dr. Jayshree Mathur of CIE. I didnt quite like her as a person maybe, but I loved the way she taught, the way she held discussions, took them to a different plane all together and left us all confused to find our own answers. Today, I am trying to be like her, trying to ignite the same interest and curiosity in my students, trying to pass on the legacy that I received, trying to make them fall in love with the subject that I hated when I sat on the same benches where they are sitting now.

This post would be incomplete without naming another person who too has contributed to the kind of teacher that I am today. She is Dr. Namita Ranganathan from CIE. I simple LOVED her classes. The way and ease with which she taught heavy topics was so damn amazing. She had such strong hold on her subject (psychology) and made the classes amazingly interesting. Even if I am able to achieve a zilch of what she is, I would consider myself so damn lucky.

I really want my teaching to be fun for my students. My colleagues often point out that I still behave like a student. And now I should stop behaving that ways and start acting responsible. I dont want to do that. I dont want to “Act”. The very reason I am enjoying what I have today is cos I havent let go of what I am while going ahead with what I am supposed to be doing.

I doubt if being lighthearted, cracking jokes, making one liners and being at ease with students makes me a bad teacher. Infact they seem to be loving it. And above all, what the heck, I am loving it. The day it ceases to be so, it will be the time to bid adeau…


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2 Responses to Teaching is fun

  1. Rahul Gupta says:

    I totally agree with u. I also had a Sir Named Mr.Talwar in 11th & 12th.He used to teach chemistry to us. He is a total bindaas person . He enjoys life to the max. He smokes , he drinks , and what not, but students still love him and his classes. The reason is he is the master of his subject , his teaching style is phenomenal .
    I am a big fan of him as a teacher. He always creates a funny atmosphere in his classes but that does not mean he is loving in nature , students are also afraid of his anger. He is a beast when he is angry and dont see what and to whom he is talking.But he never gets angry without any valid reason.
    I still love him , may be because I was one of his favourite students and never got his scolding or beating.
    Chemistry was real fun with Talwar Sir.

    After this post of urs and visiting here for quite some time now, U really seem to be an interesting person. I feel like meeting u once in life.

  2. What a coincidence.
    Recently even I took a job as a tutor in an institute.

    Masterniji, best of luck for your job.

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