Surender Sharma: the comedy king??

I dont know if you people remember Surender Sharma, the stand-up comedian, But I met and heard him live today. I dunno if he has grown old or our taste of humour has changed, but he wasnt THAT great as I remember he used to be.

Though he looked the same and most of his jokes were aimed at the ‘better-halves’, the spark that used to be there was missing.

Another thing that wasnt as great as I thought it to be when it turned into a reality.

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6 Responses to Surender Sharma: the comedy king??

  1. Sunil Singal says:

    The King of Comedy
    and the heart of nation.

  2. Sam says:

    I think your sense of humour has changed. I used to hear Surender Sharma’s comic poetry ( Hasya Kavitayen) once in a while when I was in North India. I remembered some of them specifically his take on ‘ Kadu ‘ a poem about a person who had striking resemblence to him. It remained in my mind for a very long time. Now, after searching quite a bit all this time I finally found some of his poetry online at certain websites. Honestly after listening to them I still get the same, if not more laughs from them. The way he presents his characters and happenings is par excellence. I think it all simply depends on ones outlook about such aspects.

  3. deepak ratti says:

    surender sharma is the best comiden in the world

  4. Brij Mohan says:

    i want information and poems about surender sharma hasya kavi. Chaar Lina….

  5. scchopra says:


  6. vp singh says:

    Surender sharma ji ki hasya kavita ‘kaadu’ padani thi.

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