Sister Talk

My mom’s sister and her daughter have come over to stay for a few days. I am amazed to see the length and duration of chats my mom and her sister hold. They just go on and on and on. They just wont stop. Be it in kitchen, in front of TV, while lying on bed… it simply doesnt stop. So much so, that whenever I enter the house, I find them talking. What do they really talk so much about? You like me must be asking yourself.

Many attempts at eavesdropping either got me into deep slumber or bored me enough that it forced me to simply walk out of the room. They talk about recipes, cooking, schedule of their family, clothes, shopping and what not. Even the habits or nuisance of their housemaids!!

I really doubt me and vinnie have so much to talk. Ok… shopping yeah, we might end up doing that, we are actually pretty good at it. But other than that I really doubt we would spend hours chatting. Bitching maybe. Had it been fighting, then it would have been a different story all together. We simply rule there!!

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