There are some who dont know what that means, some who crib on that concept and some who have no other go but to accept it as it is in abundance 😀

I guess there are pros and cons of all the three. Which one outweighs the other is left to one’s own perspective.

I, fortunately or unfortunately fall in the middle category. I, for one, consider myself much better off than the ones who are alien to this concept. But feel little less than the ones who are flooded with them. My mother falls in this third category.

People who are unaware of the what it entails to have siblings are blessed in the sense that they have it all !! They dont need to waste time fighting over the piece of chocolate/ cake/ or whatever that they got was a millimetre less than the other. They are pampered silly and hardly ever learn to share. From what I have observed they are lonely aswell. The biggest problem that I would say is that their parents have laid all their eggs in one basket. All their hopes are pinned on that single child. God bless them !!

Now coming on to my kinds. The whole childhood and major part of adolescence is spent fighting, hitting, cribbing, crying and what not. The major part of adulhood is spent bitching ( if both the siblings are females !!). During much of their childhood, they somehow always manage to feel that they are not as much loved as their sibling. If you are the eldest, you are the father’s pride. If you are the younger one, you are the apple of your mother’s eye. All in all its fun, if there isnt a generation gap between the two.

The third kinds are flooded with them. Wherever you look, you find them. Even if you dont get along with one, dont worry you have options available 😉 You get used to of bearing the other one, ignoring at times, and accepting them as they are. I have seen my mom with her siblings, she may not be as pally with all as she is with a selected few, but when they all are together, they are a headache 😀

There is no one person on this earth who can replace your sibling, who can be your close confidante at times, yet let you down by complaining against you when the need be. Fight for you, care for you, save your ass at times, shop for you and give advices even when you feel you dont need one. No matter how many times you fight with them, for how long you stay quiet, the bad words you mouth for eachother, at the end all is forgiven.

Just for the siblings !

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