Should we introduce corporate culture in schools?

Ours is a secular nation with a highly demanding value system. There are certain norms and ethics set for each role a human plays in our society. How well does one perform these roles and duties become the judgmental factors about his/her personality.

Teacher too, since time immemorial, has been expected to perform his/her duties in a given set pattern. In the past, the teacher was of utmost importance in the society. The students blindly followed their teachers and their teachings. Teachers too felt responsible for their task of creating good human beings out of their students who came raw and naive to them for education. They made sure that they developed the intellectual and social aspects of their personality equally. People wished to become teachers because of the respect they earned in the society.

Talking of the times today, how many out of our present generations wish to take up this profession? If the first word striking your minds is ‘none’ then it’s a serious issue of concern!

The second question, which arises, is ‘What is it that is keeping them away from this profession?’. Probably, the attractions and rosy pictures of other professions; the professions of the hyped corporate world!! The magnetism of power, position, money, perks and facilities draws these young and ambitious minds towards itself.

The recommendations concerning the status of teachers adopted by a special inter-governmental conference convened jointly by UNESCO and International Labour Organisation in Paris in 1966, recognized and emphasized the inter-dependence between the status of teachers and the status of education. Which implies, in order to have better educational standards we need to have better standards for teachers. Standards not only in terms of better training and resources but also helping them raise their standards of living. This calls for better pay package and various other incentives so that the teachers feel motivated and inspired to work.

You must be wondering why is it that I am emphasizing only on the monetary part. The reason is that it is nothing but this money which draws our potential minds towards itself in the corporate sector.

But is it only the financial perks, which define corporate culture? No. There are various other parameters, which contribute to it. The organizational structure, professionalism, ethical performance, accountability and productive results.

We today need to discuss how all these parameters of the corporate world, if introduced in the teaching sector would benefit it. And whether they are actually applicable in our profession of teaching, especially at school level.

We need to think about not just the positive or negative effects of this culture but also the overall impact it has left in all the fields of profession globally. And it seems impossible that the field of education can stay untouched by it in the coming years.

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