Shopping as a mood elevator

Its a bad� bad bad idea !!

And who would know this better than me. Every pang of stress leaves a big hole in my pocket. And I feel so helpless after doing all that shopping. My dad tells me that I should go and shop for a new almirah as we are running short of space to store my clothes now 😆

But the only solace� I find is in the nice and pretty� clothes that� I end up buying. My choice is pretty royal (not me) So my shopping during the stressful times leads me� getting pampered with the best of clothes available on shelf. He he he not to forget the huge price that� I end up paying for all the stress busting tactics. This had happenned at the end of January also when my Bank balance actually went down to a three digit figure thanks to my excessive compulsive shopping disorder. And was that scary !!

Dont know how long will I enjoy� the current healthy status of my bank balance (should pray for a good mood now !!).

I am getting worried now… I need a chocolate 😉

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