Schizophrenia: A Universal Ailment ?

Like cholera, typhoid and more recently, chicken flu, schizophrenia is another plague endemic to this world. Rather left to me, I would say it is an ailment plaguing ALL the peoples of this world and only a peculiarly few are aloof from it. Schizophrenia, as the Oxford dictionary (edition 7th, 1984) defines it is “a mental disorder marked by disconnection between thoughts, feelings and actions.” However, in view of the current tide of times, I would say it is more of a mental order of things of the state wherein the disconnectivity, the disenchantment, disbalance and the disillusionment has become an ordinary, rather an expected affair.

Disconnectivity from the world and the self has become the norm. Gandhiji tried to establish the relation between the head and the heart. But alas! He failed. And the irony of it is that his idea fell promptly not only on the national soil, but internationally as well.

These days one thinks something, does something else. Infact, the people suffering from this disease (if I may call it so) are the sanest of them all.

The heart dictates and affirms that there is an Eldorado that exists, that Byzantium is no more than a dream away,. But then, truly like a dream it is beyond the grasp, a mrigmarichika , it eludes you even when you have just about touched it in flesh and blood

But then again isn’t it so for all? Probably not, there are some fortunate few who have eluded the grasp. These are the lucky, the braveheart , the few for whom reality coexists with their fantasies. Call it luck, destiny, or karma, these, fortuitous ones have it all..dreams and life …

This brings one to the question as to why real life does not appeal to one and sundry. Is living that difficult that only by disconnecting with it, disassociating with, looking at it as somebody else’s life, do we have the courage to brave it? Is anyone happy with life? If one is unhappy why is she so? Do happy people also suffer from schizophrenia? Is there a cure? I wonder.

The only cure I can imagine is developing an immunity- an immunity towards fate, distress, heartbreak, misery etc. etc. etc.. Guess it would take us eons to develop an armor (refer survival of the fittest – Charles Darwin)

By- Gunjan Matreja

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10 Responses to Schizophrenia: A Universal Ailment ?

  1. Varshita says:

    Finally somebody talks about my suffering 😆

  2. gunjan says:

    you arent the only one babes
    why do u think i call it ” universal “?

  3. ritika grover says:

    oh ya…its universal…for sure atleast for r group…name ne suffering our group has it..hehehhe

  4. Well only one who cud even claim to be not suffering from..sch (cant even spell it properly)…is someone who is not human….coz the feelings/sufferings described in this article are bound to affect any human ever lived at some or other point of time….

    Wats the objective/moral/mission/purpose of the article? Dont be offended..felt mos of the articles on this site had a purpose behind it….cudnt relate ne to this….

  5. Varshita says:

    Hmm… Well…
    This is our first step towards meaningful work !!
    Maximum posts on this blog have been my rantings about life in general. Purposeful or un-purposeful I have never cared. But this is our first attempt for a contribution towards our field i.e. Education.

    But Gunjan would be a better person to defend this article since SHE is the author of this article. She will respond soon. Watch out for this space!!

  6. wats in a name says:

    I know the attempt to understand the reason behind the article will be misunderstood…tats y categorically stated pls dont be ofended….

    I am just curious passerby..who found things on this blog lil more interesting than other sites…hence posted some of my thots/belief/ideas …

    I can understand tat article was properly not a full one….but still it sud atleast have carried a message/idea …something new…all it did was merely describe the word in more detail than oxford dict…..

  7. gunjan says:


    if thr’s nothing in a name then ” what is in a name? ”
    ur pseudonym sounds schizophrenic to begin with. why pretend to be nobody when u do have an identity ????
    well as far as the mesg is concerned ..its nothing . well take it the way u want to. didnt think thr has to be any meaning to it . and i didnt attempt to explain it better than the oxford dictionary, niether did i want to confuse anyone. i guess the article wud make sense to those who have been thru any illusions or disillusions ( if i may ). if u havent yet, consider urself lucky ( or potential schizo) 🙂
    dont swaet if u dont get it …then obviously thr’s nothing to it
    just chill


  8. wats in a name says:

    Ouch…..fat ego got hurt….guess dont ofended didnt mean much…

  9. Why teh hell Schizophrenia affects the life of the peoples who are attached with the Schizophreniac.

  10. puneet says:


    Nice attempt at building a co-relation between the disease and today’s people.

    No offenses meant, but the person does not seem to know too much about the disease. The last phrase “BETTER BE SCHIZOPHRENIC!!!!” – seems to be just childish and un-necessary…

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