Sahara Samay needs smart news readers

No its not a recruitment advertisement on their behalf. Its something that I really feel they need to work upon.

I just happenned to be watching their news channel this afternoon, and the female news reporter didnt quite use her common sense and said

“This is the view of AIIMS hospital from where Rahul Mahajan will be discharged any moment now. Apollo doctors have cleared his discharge papers and have handed him over to the police”.

The view was of Apollo hospital with Apollo logo clearly visible in the background. This was repeated by her atleast 3 times.

Either the reporters at Sahara are supposed to stick to the dialogues provided by the editors or script writers. Or they simply leave their brains behind when they enter the studio. Given the competitive news industry (there are some 12 channels that my cable guy shows) you just cant afford to goof up.

Come on !!

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  1. Rahul Kumar says:

    I need a platform.If you need please recruit me.

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