Reliance lifetime validity expires?

Well I guess it does…. atleast mine did.
But what I wasnt able to come with terms with was .. how can a lifetime validity expire?
But as the executive at the counter tells me that there is a **conditions apply** to that.

Now thats news to me !

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3 Responses to Reliance lifetime validity expires?

  1. Lucky says:

    hi just came across ur blog …just by chance And i sort of liked it….especially those short once r Cooolll , yummiie and more importantly concise n real!!!


  2. Sgcray says:

    If a life insurance can expire… so can a lifetime validity…

  3. Raja says:

    The reason is that according to the activation rule u have 2 recharge ur prepaid account within 3 months. Means 2 say if ur no. Is not on active position for 91 days the number will be blocked…….

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