Post 588 – Living in Mumbai

Why this peculiar post name?

Well thats how this post was saved in my drafts for a very long time and I am feeling too lazy to change it to anything else now.

The post earlier had a list of movies I had seen in theatre ever since i moved to mumbai. But I guess it got too much for me to update. The list is pretty long now…

I dont think I have watched as many movies in my life as I have in the last one and a half years. Well thats what your mode of entertainment really boils down to every weekend when you live in a city where you have no family but a handful of friends.

Life has been busy in Mumbai. And before you jump the gun… let me clarify that this is not just another ranting session about mumbai…its actually much more.

I have been here for a few months short of two years now and I havent really had a day where I feel at peace in this city. While I do agree there are a few things that I LOVE about this place (dont be too quick to smile) but it loses on the balance handsdown to the things I HATE about mumbai.

Let me put those things here for your to understand where I am coming from…

Things I love:

  • Security: I had heard about it but now I completely agree that this place is safer for Girls… atleast in comparison to Delhi. No matter what time it is, you can easily find a rickshaw/ local train / cab without the fear of being raped / abducted.
  • Professionalism: Worklife is much btter here not just in terms of money and opportunities but also in terms of people attitude. No nosy colleagues / bosses.
  • Late night joints: This city never sleeps and you never go hungry out here. Be it vada pao, roadside pao bhaji, cheese toast, juices or shakes, idli/vada/dosa, or local pizza… anytime anywhere its available!
  • Weekend getaways: At times I think its only cos this city is so maddening that these weekend getaways make so much moolah. Lonavla, khandala, alibag, panchgani, mahabaleshwar, pune, chiplun… all within the reach of 5 hrs drive.
  • Privacy: Its a double whammy here. Firstly since everyones so busy, the neighbours dont really know eachother or even bother to care. Secondly living here alone with my spouse gives me ample amount of space in terms of doing / wearing what we like.
  • Things I hate:

  • Traffic: You can never really enjoy driving in Mumbai. You never find empty roads, other than at 3 in the night. And i m not even talking about the size of the main roads here. Did I mention the pot holes?
  • Food: If you are a foodie and you have been lucky enough to have tasted some nice Mughlai / southindian food in your life, mumbai is so not the place for you. Everything you eat out here will either be sweet (thanks to gujju // marwari influence) or chilly. Ever heard of making the food spicy? Also you can never find butter chicken with bones here!
  • Malls: Everybodys favourite destination on weekends. You cannot yes you heard me right, you cannot shop on weekends thanks to the footfalls. You literally have to push or be pushed around if you have been courageous enough to make a trip there.
  • Clothes: Every shop selling indian wear is influenced by Saas Bahu serials.. So its either too garish or if its simple.. you will find everyone wearing the same.
  • Movie ticket prices: Are way too much ! Our house hold expenditure is high thanks to the amount we spend on watching movies. Even the early morning show costs a minimum of 100 bucks while I remember in delhi it was just 50 bucks !
  • Pigeon houses: Ten steps any direction and you are bound to hit a wall. Yes thats the size of a house an average middle class family can afford… or even worse in some cases. The concept of balconies is alien. And even if your builder has been insightful enough to keep them, you would either find families covering the area to create another bedroom out of that space, or putting grill all around the balcony to make it look like a domiciled version of Jail.
  • Parking: When you cant find space to live, you cant only dream to find space to park. Strange parking rules allow only one car per apartment to be parked inside the society. So the other needs to be parked on main road.
  • One way conditions apply: Yes conditions apply. When you are in a one way, dont be to happy and increase your speed, infact be cautious cos you never know when a BEST bus will come from the opposite direction. Apparently BEST busses are allowed even in one ways … wah !
  • No Family: At times you really wanna eat your moms home made food… which you just cant get here. Leading to more expenditure either in terms of entertainment to keep depression at bay, or flying down to delhi to pacify the taste buds… either ways… loads of kharcha !
  • I am sure there are many more I can talk or let me correct rant about… but like I said earlier I am feeling very lazy today. Hence the first post from office 🙂

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    4 Responses to Post 588 – Living in Mumbai

    1. kc says:

      So what you say is Mumbai is not good. I live in Hyderabad, got a job offer at Mumbai..not sure to shift or stay lazily in Hyderabad. i am comfortable here..not sure. have 3 more days to decide. Want to have a safe job and relax in a village , but seems like i have to move to another hell. I will get the same salary here but its a govt job in more job safety. May be i am trying to fulfill lot of options. More in dilemma. damn if i had more money i would have retired for ever before i reached 30.

      • Arjun says:

        Mumbai is hell. You see the rich, the not so rich, the poor and the dead-as-rat poor in the same breadth. For example, one visit to Juhu beach is enough to screw your happiness. Pathetic food, filth, poverty, prostitution and the most annoying thing of all – people. Wherever you go, you find people.

        Local trains, malls, shops, clubs, beaches, getaways, restaurants and even hospitals! They are just people. It’s like the whole of India is reproducing on one side while Mumbai is reproducing on its own.

        It is simply not worth. If you work in Mumbai then your savings are pretty much the same as any other city. But the effort you place here in getting those savings is not worth it.

        The culture is pretty much ruined with boys banging girls everywhere – on beaches, rickshaws, taxis, street corners, parks and even behind dustbins.

        Food is pathetic. It’s all street food. There is hardly any healthy cuisine. Wherever you go, people are swallowing a vadapav or hogging a pav bhaji. Bhel puri is also pretty famous. People over here think its food.

        Mumbai is a place for BUSINESSMEN. You can come here to take advantage of the population density to sell your product or service. Since the city is expensive, you can charge higher than the rest. Otherwise, just stay wherever you are – even if it is some remote place. If you like peace in life then STAY AWAY.

    2. drishti says:

      I live in Delhi..,n right now the cost of watching a movie at the cinema hall is 350 Bucks ! I dnt knw which time were you talking about saying it’s 50 bucks..!
      But still nice article 🙂

    3. Anamika says:

      hahaha.. i loved your article .. this place is becoming worse day by day!! hate it hate it hate it!!!! people just can’t breath in this shithole..

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