Pathetic administration of Delhi University colleges

I have completed three degrees, one bachelors and two masters, from Delhi University and I have got a taste of thier pathetic administration way too much.

Firstly, they dont work on saturdays, which effectively is an off for most people who are working. And ofcourse for them as well. So getting your work done on saturdays is a straight No-No, completely out of the question. Then on weekdays they are officially supposed to work till 5 pm.

Now for people like me who work, and need to get their work done at one of these north campus colleges, making it before 5pm is an agenda in itself, leave alone the concern and effect of distance involved on your pocket (petrol bill !!).

The distance doesnt kill you, nor does the 5 pm limit disturb you much. But what you face once you reach there leaves you frustrated like never before. I reached the premises of CIE much before 5 pm and yet was unable to get my work done as the lady concerned (Kamlesh madam) had left for the day (20 mins before time) !!!

I actually shook up people from section officer to the assistant registrar level, to get my simple work done, which is nothing but collection of MY marksheet. And since nobody else was ready to do her share of work, it left me cursing them even more.

I seriously believe that the very reason India has not been able to progress has been due to the attitude and behaviour of public sector employees. They get a permanent job status and then “to hell with everyone” status on their availability. Nobody is ready to work, or be available during so called office hours. And if at all they are present, getting them to work is yet another mamoth task.

I have already been to north campus twice, and if i dont get my work done the next time, I will definately kill someone there !!

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