Was it me or it was you

With every night fondness grew
All the old memories I then threw
Holding hands on a rainy day
Sniffing the perfume I had sprayed
Was it me or it was you
Looking for someone as special as you

Blow hot and blow cold were the days
Fighting with many in different ways
Only hope was the love within
Scared we were for our smooth sailing
Was it me or it was you
Hurting with smile a few

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Zindagi se darte ho – Indian Ocean (Peepli Live)

Zindagi se darte ho
Zindagi to tum bhi ho
Zindagi to hum bhi hain
Aadmi se darte ho
Aadmi to tum bhi ho
Aadmi to hum bhi hai
Tum abhi se darte ho

Aadmi zubaan bhi hai
Aadmi bayaan bhi hai
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Kites – Not all that bad

I am not too sure if I saw a different version or was it thanks to the reviews that I went with zero expectation, But surprisingly I kind of liked Kites.

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Change – One word thats enough to rock your world !

Yup it swings both ways. Can rock your world in all senses. Good bad ugly… any which way.

Ironically it is also one topic on which I have conducted quite a few trainings and yet when it comes to the practical implementation I find myself trying not to take the bait.

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Yet another day at work…

A half empty or a half full bottle of water on the desk
strokes of an irritable hindi song in the background
people ready to rust in their chairs
time seems to have died in our neighbourhood today

Anticipating a brighter future
angry with the stale present
floating in the daunting memories of the past
dreams seem to have broken in our neighbourhood today

Staring at the to-do list in the diary
struggling to keep the eyes open
forcing a polite conversation
enthusiasm seems to have dried in our neighbourhood today

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Post 588 – Living in Mumbai

Why this peculiar post name?

Well thats how this post was saved in my drafts for a very long time and I am feeling too lazy to change it to anything else now.

The post earlier had a list of movies I had seen in theatre ever since i moved to mumbai. But I guess it got too much for me to update. The list is pretty long now…

I dont think I have watched as many movies in my life as I have in the last one and a half years. Well thats what your mode of entertainment really boils down to every weekend when you live in a city where you have no family but a handful of friends.

Life has been busy in Mumbai. And before you jump the gun… let me clarify that this is not just another ranting session about mumbai…its actually much more.

I have been here for a few months short of two years now and I havent really had a day where I feel at peace in this city. While I do agree there are a few things that I LOVE about this place (dont be too quick to smile) but it loses on the balance handsdown to the things I HATE about mumbai.

Let me put those things here for your to understand where I am coming from…
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And Shiney is back !

Yes… you heard me right. Shiney Ahuja is back in B-town.

And in case you are wondering how the hell do I know, well well, did I forget to mention earlier that he stays in my complex?
Well ….ok now I just did !

Saw him last night strolling in the compound along with his wife… couple looked quite lovey dovey.. have no comments to offer on the case though…

One shall only wait and watch !

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