Not a good habit

I have come to realise that, I, more often than not, lose control over what I speak when I am angry. I use words and sentences that are bound to hurt people at the receiving end. And the worst part being that I am not ignorant about this fact and nobody needs to point that to me. I am very well aware of this fact. Infact I almost always realise it right after blabbering it out of my mouth.

Some people from my close vicinity bear it, while some dont. And I dont know how long will the ones who bear it will stand it in near future. I dont intend to hurt, But I do end up hurting. I dont intend to insult but I do real well in doing so. I dont wish to ruin it, but if the state of affairs remain the same way, its bound to happen.

Is being consciously aware of your mistakes enough? And if you are aware of it, does that amount to doing it intentionally? What if you got no control over it as of now?

But, I think, I better make ammends soon enough, before its too late….

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  1. Rajat says:

    waiting for the other person to finish their statement is a brilliant idea. guess what god gave us two ears and one mouth, using it in the same propotion is a brilliant idea.
    nice blog, its funny most people of the mid twenties generation suffer from some kind of trauma or the other.

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