Normalcy restored

Almost always I have noticed that after a phase of heightened happiness there follows a lull of silence and a heap of depression. I don’t really know the reason why or any particular “thing / person / act” that I can point towards. I have been noticing it for a few years now that whenever Diwali approaches, I am in the best of my moods, shopping for gifts and distributing them. And just when it is THE day, I feel so damn low that it feels like a big burden to go through that day. I just pray for it to end ASAP for it brings no joy.

Maybe the expectation for it to bring it all just fizzles out when it actually arrives. Or maybe I just dance around way too much before it arrives that when it finally does, there is no charm remaining. Or maybe that I have already enjoyed every moment of it way too much before it actually arrived, that when it does arrive, its nothing novel about it.

I guess its just God’s way of balancing. You get your share of happiness and then your share of normality. Yes I call it normal and not feeling low, cos we see it always in relation to the happiness which ofcourse takes our emotions, feelings and moods to great heights. When we are not happy we regard as a deep valley as against the heightened emotions. So anything less than that will be normal. If it were not for the planes, we wouldn’t value mountains as much. I guess if it was not for the feeling low that we wouldn’t value times of happiness as much as we do now.

So I guess I am back to the pavilion. Normalcy restored after scaling the height 🙂

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6 Responses to Normalcy restored

  1. Rahul Gupta says:

    I also feel the same sometimes but not always .
    I used to enjoy festivals more in childhood than I do now.

  2. Varshita says:

    True… any reason why it so happened?

  3. Rahul Gupta says:

    may be coz in childhood I was free of all the worries and now I feel odd to do all that fun and also get a lot less time to enjoy.
    I real miss my childhood when My Brothers and sisters were with me.
    I used to enjoy a real lot.
    Now I always feel bored.
    Aah , I m getting emotional…

  4. Wengistein says:

    Actually, that happens to me too. I was psyched for out new LCD TV and now I just watch it and think “meh.” It’s great but I seriously can’t be bothered about it anymore.

  5. Vikalp says:

    Its a fact friends that whatever we used to enjoy in our childhood has become a normal practice now. You dont see same enthusiasm, same passion for that orange candy or orange ice cream which we used to have in our childhood.
    I still remember those school days, those friends, those fun moments of lunch time, sports period, running around the school compound… Lots of unforgettable memories. But as harishta said, Normalcy restored, it is also kinda same. We have stopped doing it but still we can be one what we were at that time…
    Open these boundaries, be a kid again, have fun

  6. Mayur Sutar says:

    I just love this song.

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