New kiddoes in my block

The last two months saw my craving for sugar going down drastically for reasons quite unknown to me as yet. But that really doesnt mean that I like doing away with my favourite cookies.

In the past couple of years, I have taken a fascination for Choco-chip and butter-chip cookies from Cookieman. And despite its retail outlet being available in Delhi suburbs, I prefer to order them straight from Bangalore, yes, cos vinnie gets hyper each time I ask her to get some for me, as its on the farthest end of the city she prefers to live in now. I like to tease her to deal with it as a payback for the numerous chores she expects me to do (each time anyones visiting her) in a span of 2-3 days from one corner of the city to the other while keeping my sanity intact zillion number of times!!

Now the point being, I had this huge box of these cookies which I got in mid-june and another set of assorted cookies end-june. I know you still must be wondering the reason for specifying the time. Well if you have been with me, you would remember me talking about my sugar craving going down, which basically means I have not been eating much of these cookies. And I was shocked today to find just one single, yes one and only one cookie remaining. You still wondering? How could you forget the other two kiddoes at my place besides me (Just a polite reminder that I am the YOUNGEST!!) who we fondly call MOM AND DAD.

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