Nature at play…

Ran from the world incessantly
Far from the maddening crowd
Needed to break free from the monotony of life
Away from the echoes of its agony and bliss
Life was just getting uneasy and here I went
On a lookout for explication of an unknown ecstasy

Reached where land sacrificed its existence
Witnessed the union of Oceanus and Zeus
In the lap of Mother Nature my expedition just began
As the master geared forth with his very own plans
Exhausted as my body was, thrilled was my mind
A whole New World welcoming, with quarter left behind

Minutes went by and so did hours
Sky lit up with zillion twinkling stars
For once the idea of being alone didn’t leave me scared
Just living that moment was all that I cared

Found darkness all around But no fear within
Music of the waves started setting in
Wet sand beneath my bare foot
Cool breeze of the night ruffling my hair
Thoughts went blank, finally found peace somewhere

Each tide different from the last
Made me realize there shall be no new past
Writing on the sand just took seconds to wash away
Endorsing the saying “this too shall not stay”

The vast ocean before me only reckoned my faith
I m just a tiny creature on the earth’s face
There is more to this world than just my problems
My issues, my sorrows and my joy
Got the opportunity to feel the nature’s convoy
There is more to this world than just you and me
A lot to be learnt when nature whispers
“Hear me”

– Varshita

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