My technical advancements

Ok, this post is an update to the one I wrote a few days back.

Now I

  • Work on a P4 Windows XP(dont you dare ask me what was I using earlier)
  • Have downloaded Picasa to upload my humungous picture files (finally may I add!!)
  • Learnt to use Gaim software for IM (Isnt as great as I thought it would be)
  • Enjoy an internet connection with a speed of 3mb/sec (no I didnt switch connection/ plan)
  • And most importantly

  • Enjoy Youtube videos without any delay/ crack in voice or distortion of video due to slow processor speed
  • Thats one thing I so wanted to do on my comp. Watch a video on Youtube without any interruption / delay. And thats the first thing I did when I started the Internet on my new machine.

    But now despite the fact that I have all of it, all that I so admired on others machines, I still am not happy. Cos I so wanna shout scream n share, which I cant.

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    1. Harsh says:

      Glad to hear your video streams don’t chop anymore 🙂

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