My idea of romance

Disclaimer: Well for starters, I am a die hard romantic, just in case you are new in here.

Lately I’ve come to realise that my idea of romance is quite different than that of others around me. I am an outspoken gal, who doesnt quite think much before speaking her mind. Which contrary to the general perception of being upfront and honest, is regarded as rather “bluntness” in speech. What I call as spontaneity, they call it impulsive.

I dont believe in giving 100% to a relationship, ok, before you raise your eyebrows, let me clarify that I give my 200% to it, something which is as fatal as giving less than 100%, if not more. I give myself and I give it all. Its like in your face LOVE. I eat drink, sleep, think with n about that person. Something which is quite intimidating to men. I wonder why though…

Instead of appreciating the abundance of love at their disposal, they crib about it being a “flood” of love. Something which they would term as intrusion to privacy and lack of “space”.

You are there all the time. You call all the time, you sms all the time

How bad and sad a state it can be when you get to hear such words.

But I ve come to realise over a few months now that on certain things vinnie is quite right. She may not put it in the right words, but the essence and gist of it being quite true. She would often tell me that men are like dogs (My apologies to all my male friends). You leave them on their own, and they would come to you wagging their tail. Ok its not as bad, but the idea being, let the other person yearn for you. Dont be available 24 x 7. Let the other person miss you, need you… want you.

But then like I said, My idea of romance is quite different. It defies all rules of the book…

My idea of romance is living by the will of your heart. Something which gives u real pleasure of having done what your heart said, instead of repenting years later for what you could have done. Living each moment loving that person. They say what goes around comes around. I feel if u love immensely, the other person is bound to love u back and more than that its the pleasure of loving someone that makes your day !

But then, like they say men are from mars and women from Venus, I would add to that and say Varshita is god sent πŸ™‚

Truly one of a kind…

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11 Responses to My idea of romance

  1. vineeta says:

    actually, I think if you have too much of a person in your “face” kind of a scenario, then you start taking those people for granted. It is best when your love is reciprocated. But its the worst when you are taken for granted.

  2. Piyush says:

    It feels like your idea or romance is like kareena kapooor in “Jab We Met”

    How do u know he/she misses u needs u or feels u in his/her heart…

    There is something call expression. One has to express their feelings….

  3. Shubhank says:

    We are made for each other. Admit that.

  4. Varshita says:

    @vinnie… hmmm I know I always end up agreeing to all your gyan πŸ™‚

    @ piyush havent seen the movie as yet, so cant really accept or refute ur claim!

    @shubhu… You bet we are. Our deal is still on for sure !! πŸ˜‰

  5. Shubhank says:

    God damn. I wrote <3

  6. Shubhank says:

    crap….wordpress comment system does not recognise the language of love

  7. Varshita says:

    ha ha ha ha…. Google rocks ! <3

  8. haha you have tagged this post as ‘spiritual’

  9. Varshita says:

    lol.. i didnt even realise it myself !
    I guess whenever I get philosophical, I tag it as spiritual. πŸ˜€

  10. Parijaat says:

    Well as far as i can think of it was not “ALL MAN ARE DOGS” but it was “ALL MAN ARE BASTRADS” that was vinnie’Quote .Please do corrrect me if i am wrong . Btw congrats on getting married ….!!! πŸ˜‰

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