My dad taught me

Owning up the responsibility… whatever maybe the consequence have the spine to accept it as your choice !

Dont lie to yourself

dont manipulate

be what you are

Dont regret the good that you did, despite the fact it wasnt treated well

Be a man in this man’s world

Be honest, open and clear of what you think

Take your own decisions and stick to them

and finally….Have faith!!

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2 Responses to My dad taught me

  1. sandeep says:

    strong words and respect worthy too .. !!

    aren’t we creating a shell of illusion around us by standing by them. we try to find reflection of what we stand by in people we like.
    we get aggravated by the fact when we are faced with failure. 🙁

    when I say “we”, i do not include you in my response. Am simply marking people who feel the say way as I do.

  2. driftw00d says:

    wish there were many parents like yours sprinkled around.. I’m sure it would make a positive difference…
    good on him 🙂

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