More to merry !

The very idea behind starting to blog was this so called freedom to think and express views on anything and everything. But with the passage of time, this very freedom was curtailed by the presence of known faces online. Thoughts needed a U certificate censorship to avoid unnecessary arguements or explanations. And somewhere the true essence of what I wanted to say lost a battle against fear.

First it were a few friends, then my sis and now my students.

I am not too sure if I should celebrate the reach of this blog or crib about me losing my freedom with each new reader added on to it. As if my sis wasnt enough to question me on my posts, now I have my students coming up to me and asking what I meant when I wrote so and so…

But its fun. At times its so much fun to write something that only I understand or maybe the person in question would, and the rest is left for people to guess… I like those posts… cos thats one time censorship isnt really required. Thats one time I break free…

But then, when have I really cared for what I write as I have always written for myself and about myself. I know a few months back I started off with password protected posts driving my sis crazy. But then, a late realisation, and now those posts are no longer password protected. Yes vinnie you can read them now without a password πŸ™‚

So, Neha, Jasleen, and the others who land in here, always remember my best dhamki… Minus 5 in your next term end exams πŸ™‚

Till then… Have fun !

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13 Responses to More to merry !

  1. Shubhank says:

    Are you a tyrant or a teacher?

  2. vineeta says:

    Please remind me-which were those posts. How can I FIND THEM IN BETWEEN SO MANY POSTS?

  3. Varshita says:

    @shubhu… two in one ! πŸ˜›

    @ vinnie .. ab yeh kaam to khud kar le

  4. neha says:

    hey maam….not fair!!!!!
    vaise to enjoying redaing all this sooo much that -5 seems preety less….
    u keep writing…..we’ll keep reading n ultimately we’ll get negative mks…but then for these posts….accepted!!
    n u need to answer ur frd also….r u a tyrant or a teacher??
    take care…..

  5. neha says:

    n maam 1 more thing…..u shud def celebrate on ur posts getting sooo popular…..n such brainy people reading them…….n for sure from now no ques……only clearing of doubts session in the institute!!

  6. Varshita says:

    Neha ur at -14 now… backlog of -9 + (-5)

    I did reply to shubhank… aka shubhu

  7. neha says:

    maam….ab to main badly fail ho hi gayee hu….chalo letz do sumthing gud then…….aapki posts padh leti hu n apna dukh kam kar leti hu!!
    u take care…..keep smiling!!

  8. Varshita says:

    Beta kabhi course ki reference books bhi padh liya karo… ya uske liye kabhi time hi nahi milta aapko apne busy schedule se?

  9. Shubhank says:

    Kya bakwaas teacher hai….

  10. Wow Varshita is getting famous.

  11. Varshita says:

    @shubhu…. kya bakwaas friend hai πŸ˜›

    @abhiske… hee hee

  12. Suprem says:

    I was searching up for the lyrics of “Agle janam mohe bitiya na kijo” and landed up here.
    there was nothing unusual, i found in here but what i found was a scintillating truth, truth that everyone knows but not everyone expresses or rather can express.
    knowing all this was written by a techer instantaneously prompted me to write a comment.
    indeed writing a blog where ur intended audience are kids(i believe u teach kids until 10+2) is a herculian task. u have to express but u have to conceal u wanna be baddest but u r a techer and teacher cannot be bad … indeed …. interesting and challenging [:)]

  13. Impressed says:

    I have been following your website since last many days. and believe me its one of the best I’ve seen.

    I know how hard it is to express yourself to the max when everybody around you is watching you, and you know it.

    I wish I could express my thoughts just like you.

    Whenever I am sad or confused I just visit here and I find something or the other which makes it easier to pass my time.

    @ all those students! I believe your mam is not so bad that she’ll deduct those marks, so keep coming and reading her!! lol

    Wish you all the luck!!

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