Mocha Love… served hot n strong !

A dash of surprise, a streak of destiny
a lot of spontaneity led a night of mystery
time was dancing on the tunes of fate
words were enticing the guard at the gate

Journey began with expressions galore
fear, excitement, a crazy thought and more

she: heyyy…
he: you take your own sweet time…. what floor?
she: fourth
he: u alright?
she: i think i twisted my ankle
he: yeah…elevators can be hazardous.
here you go….fourth floor. Tell you what…why dont you gimme your number….i’ll hold the lift next time you are in a hurry
she: i…i think i’ll take the stairs instead….its healthier
he: ofcourse it is…and they dont twist the ankles

sooner than later the shield was broken
a stranger wandered in search of the unknown

he: Have you ever been in love?
she: love… the word eclipses a part of my brain
he: Is that a yes?
she: well could be…
he: care for a walk?
she: for a while or a life?
he: ummm…How about a coffee?

whispers of heart deafened the silence within
poles apart yet a lot to pitch in

she: so…u havent quit smoking yet
he: hmm…on and off..
she: why?
he: because no one asked me to
she: hmm…do you still take your dates to ballard pier
he: not unless I meet them in elevators

Pace was anything but slow
while picking the random pieces in the flow

he: Whoa, you’re fast
she: Well I like to come on time
he: hmm… i m proud of you
she: *giggles
he: What?
she: Nothing…Dont you have anything better to play?
he: What!! You dont like this stuff? you want Jagjit singh eh?
she: well…
he: That kinda music dries me up…
she: *giggles
he: you’re such a pervert man!!

Lightening struck once in a while
separating the two realities of life

she: you know what I wanna do when I come over?
he: what?
she: you got instrumental music?
he: ya .. why? wanna torture me with your karaoke?
she: shut up…I want to slow dance with that soft instrumental music in the backdrop. ummm…Me in your arms….
he: You’re crazy!
she: ok tell me…What is the one thing you feel like doing tonight?
he: what do u wanna do?
she: Lie on a beach, gaze at the stars and talk. What about you?
he: I want to forget about today until tomorrow
she: i hate you

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