Men are mean

Men just need “a” chance to get mean
Men are ‘a’lways mean
Men ‘a’re simply MEAN

Its just ‘a’ minute difference

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8 Responses to Men are mean

  1. Captain Crime says:

    Men are “a”wesome

  2. What do you Me’a’n ? |o_O|

  3. Anurag says:

    huh, as if women are some kind of saints themselves 😐

  4. Varshita says:

    Did I label men as sinners?? Or Did I promote the piousness of Women?
    Why do you have to view it as a clear dichotomy of saint v/s sinner? 😐

  5. Anurag says:

    look, how good women are.. at manipulating their words.. one can never understand what they mean 🙂

    lol, just my 2 cents of rant.. please dont mind

  6. ritika grover says:

    i agree dude…men are most mean creatures on earth…who have no respect for women’s emotions…

  7. Varshita says:

    @ anurag…. We know how to use the words in the best possible manner

    @ ritika… oh oh… Make love.. not war

  8. vikas says:

    do not write the obvious thing and if u have decided to state the obvious then state it completely…. “the whole world is mean”…i was expecting some interesting logic in support of ur statement…. that way i can also say u r mean or all girls r mean or all women r mean…

    useless statement….prove that u r not mean…and as far as women’s emotions are concerned i think there shud be an effort from both sexes…we shud become little more sensitive towards women and u ppl shud also stop acting like dolls.

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