Life’s Ironies

Being a teacher, I am pretty well versed with handling different kinds of students. But imagine my plight when my own teacher becomes my student !!

Beginning today, I am conducting a five day workshop for Air force administrative staff from various Air Force schools of Northern Region. I am a product of an Air force school myself and it never struck me once that my own school principal is going to be there too !!

It was a proud and a funny moment when I saw my then maths teacher (and vice principal) and now principal as a participant for that workshop. I was more than glad that he remembered me since I was the subject topper of that batch. Life takes a full round circle. Only that this time, the tables have turned and I am on the other end of the classroom. Wierd !!

Infact, my boss even went up to him to tell him how happy she was with my work … yey yey !!

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  1. Srivatsava says:

    Hmmm… ok Now, If my teacher turned out to be my student, I would have been gleeful… arey itne maar khaaye itne maar khaaye… so tables turned would be amazing!! par 🙁 !!

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