Leaves you speechless

Very few people and very few situations in life leave us speechless and in awe of the person or the situation. At times it makes us wonder if the person actually belongs to this era. This is an excerpt from someone’s normal daily talk.

We think changing people will change things, but it doesnt work that ways. We trade situations, but the problem persists. We look for change for the betterment, but what we dont realise is that we are the ones who need to change. We are covered with so much filth that we cant see ourselves naked in front of the mirror of life. I think the fault is not in the relationship. Its very pure and innocent. The fault lies within us.

Individually we do our chores of life but we never work as a team. We never make an effort as a team. Wait for a few years and then we will realise what we lost and what we gained. Balancesheet of our life is made on the basis of our deeds. We just behave more like animals driven by our instincts, rather than intelligent human beings who are driven by their thinking.

Today I analyse myself. May be in worldly affairs, I have gained a little bit. But I still need to work on my soul and I want to leave this world with a pure soul, one which I came with when I was born. I seek forgiveness for the mistakes I have made.

This is not from some guru, mahatma or baba, its from a normal everyday routine human being. So much to be learnt. Maybe our soul just lost its essence in our quest to scale heights and achieve goals in the materialistic world, that we forgot to stop and ponder on what life has given us, and how we treated it back.

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3 Responses to Leaves you speechless

  1. all the problems/sufferings/misery wud end if we just cud remain wat we were when we came to this world….

    yeah yeah…lot of us wud then say tat we dont learn/grow/invent/discover get better….but….i still believe its worth the tradeoff……

  2. Varshita says:

    You bet.
    There is nothing more pure than the innocence of a child and his mind and soul.

  3. vikas says:

    i think instead of jumping into philosophical quagmire, say “go to hell” to all these things and live ur life peacefully and happily…do what u like to do…already we r burdened with so many things….reading to philosophy is suicidal.

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