Kites – Not all that bad

I am not too sure if I saw a different version or was it thanks to the reviews that I went with zero expectation, But surprisingly I kind of liked Kites.

I can quite understand the hall-boo around the movie being half in spanish / english with sparce usage of hindi and being tagged as a big release in Hindi Cinema. But I guess Rakesh roshan could have made it clear that its meant only for educated audiences (thanks to the english sub-titles). Bihar and UP can take a hike. Oh but they did have something to look forward to… Barbara Mori

Well the chemistry and biology between Hrithik and Barbara is steaming hot that no wonder Susanne had to deal with termites back home last year.

Well I definately give this movie a thumbs up…especially after a disastrous Houseful got 3 * in most dailies.

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