Kar bhala na ho bhala

Many a times people and situations do not turn the way you expect them to.

No matter how you have been, what you have done, No matter what you have sacrificed, No matter what bullshit you have forgotten, Life remains unfair.

We dont get returns of what we sow as often as we are told we would. Not everything that goes around … comes around. Your doing good and wishing well for others, neednt necessarily be returned with the same feeling and gesture.

Moral of the story: Dont expect others to be as good as you have been to them. Expectation just messes it all up !!

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3 Responses to Kar bhala na ho bhala

  1. Mahip Singh says:

    Princess, life is not a reciprocal process…rather the way I see, it is an ongoing and onward chain of kindness and love – in the morning, my gorgeous housemate wishes me a good day, I in turn am nice to a member of staff who probably in turn feels chuffed about work that day and is in a good mood with his partner when he gets back home….screw those who do not care….if you are ‘cursed’ with a good heart, you just gotta do what you gotta do….

  2. Varshita says:

    Very true..
    But one does get disheartened when one dont see that person reciprocating the same in return

  3. Robins says:

    Varshita, I guess then you are talking about semantics.

    What is to be done vis-a-vis how long does one persist on it, is to me mostly a matter of persistence…

    If you believe it strong enough, a lot of things do change. The co-worker ‘will’ see that smile on your face on the fifth day. Your spouse ‘may’ feel sorry for saying something stupid two days hence. Your dad probably would realise that may be you have had a point last night …

    But expecting a return is, I think, quite incorrect. Things happen, sometimes for the good, but expecting them in lieu of our deeds is a painful habit, something that a lot of people end up, with stopping the act itself…

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