Jatinder singh ke bhalle…

Its after a long time that I have read something that has really touched me. I have always wished for having a flair of writing, of flirting with words and expressing what I want in the most sensible, sensitive and sleek manner which is comprehendable to “fellow earthlings”. Here is an excerpt from what I read about a friend’s experience.

Friends consider me ’stupid’ for even thinking in the manner that I do, especially when there is no headway on this route of romanticising it all. But frankly are you sure every road leads to heaven ? Since I am quite sure they dont, why not enjoy the road instead ? Whats the harm in feeling good about the beauty and warmth of a relationship while its still afresh ?

Feels so true…

Well… thats the best heading he could manage to suggest :-P

All my praise can be questioned now :lol:

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2 Responses to Jatinder singh ke bhalle…

  1. Robins says:

    The pleasure’s all mine 🙂

    I mean of course not about the heading (which she nastily finalised without a second thought), but the fact that I’m now amongst the diminished strata of the society who is mistakenly quoted somewhere by someone… is a pretty good feeling.

    Great goings and thanks a tonne 🙂

  2. Rahul Gupta says:

    No matter who said it , i agree with it.

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