Jag ja ri gudiya from Omkara

Imagine having this song as a wake up call…

If you have heard this song you would know what it is. I have always fantasized of someone singing this song to me while waking me up. But since that seems like a distant reality, I have my cell sing this to me to wake me up.

This is my alarm ring now, and somehow it manages to bring a smile on my face every morning when I wake up to this beautiful piece.

Jo chahe le lo dashrath ka vaada
naino se kholo ji raina
o ri rani gudiya jag ja
ari jag ja, moyi jag ja….

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One Response to Jag ja ri gudiya from Omkara

  1. vineeta says:

    I would also like to fall asleep listen to this –
    So Ja Bitiya Rani
    So Ja
    Raj KuvarJi aayenge
    Mehlo mein le jayenge
    Gudiya Rani
    Bitiya Rani

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