Indian Idol 3 Auditions

Ohk, so before we could get over Abhijeet sawant, Rahul vaidya, Prajakta Shukre, Rex Fernandes, (The one and only) Kazi Tauqeer and whole buckets full of them, Indian Indol 3 is here.

And so is their panel of judges, 3 fresh faces ( Alisha Chinoi, Javed Akhtar and Udit Narayan) and the one and only snooty, arrogant and stupid Anu Malik. Somebody pinch me, wasnt Alisha the one who some years (read decades) back had complained against Anu Malik on the grounds of casting couch?? And here she is giggling away to glory trying to impersonate Javed Akhtar’s hindi sitting right next to Anu Malik? Just a perfect example of kiss and forget. Er…I mean forgive and forget.

Anu Malik, my favourite for criticism. He of all the people is sitting there telling people that they dont have it in them to sing. Hello!! Did someone tell him that he has great singing talent??? I doubt anyone did. But still he did sing and made us all reach nirvana by listening to his oh-so-melodious songs and the aftermath is that my ears are still ringing. So, he telling people they dont have “THAT” thing in their voice, well I dont have words to explain what it is.

Javed Akhtar is one man that I respect for his judgement right from the Fame Gurukul days. Yes I accept I am a couch potato or shal I say was. Ohk I accept I watch some reality based shows (bigg boss was my last favourite :-P), a kofee with karan here and there. But no saas bahu for me please. Coming back to the Fame gurukul days, I have seen Javed Akhtar fighting, arguing and almost close to throwing the furniture at Ila arun for saying what is right and who he found horrible. He did not once mince his words. And he continues the trend here as well. But the sad part of the whole deal is that Mr. Anu Malik has the final word in deciding the future of contestants till the theatre round since he has been the Indian Idol judge for the past 2 seasons. Only viewers like us know what the previous judges (Farah Khan and Sonu Nigam) had to go through. And why they chose not to be a part of this season is for reasons best known to them and left for guesing for viewers like us. The frustration and helplessness on Javed Akhtar’s face is evident many times when Anu Malik rejects a rightful contestant only cos he choses to believe otherwise.

There is one more thing I dont get in this show. They show all the contestants they reject. All the contestants they waste time on watching their drama and galore. But they wouldnt show more than 3-4 contestants in the whole 1 hour ordeal who they give yellow cards to (those who arrived late, thats for their entry in the theatre round in mumbai). When I say show, I mean their performance, and not just their happy faces while they dance their way out of the judges room. Just 3-4 out of some 20-30 selected!!! While they would show the performance of some 15-20 odd ones who got rejected. I thought Indian Idol was all about music and talent, so shouldnt they be showcasing the ones who got selected, or did I just miss something here?

I am complaining like crazy… let me cool off and I will get back to you after I watch a few more episodes of this drama.

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