If tommorow never comes?

If the world ends tonight, do you think you are done for your life?

You have achieved all that you aspired for?

Kept all the promises?

Loved someone so much that it made you cry?

Made your parents proud?

Drove at a speed of 130 Kmph?

Ate some exotic food?

Had some adventurous rides?

Made people smile?

Stood on a hilltop to realise the abundance of beauty?

Stood at a seashore to capture the vast ocean?

Laughed, joked, shared, bitched, fought, madeup with your siblings?

Overcome all your fears?

Slept with beautiful dreams?

Said ‘I am sorry‘ to people it was long due?

Forgiven and let go of hurts?

Told that someone special what he/she means to you?

Finally felt peaceful?

If not, then you better be scared…

Hurry up…time is running out.

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