If music be the food of love… then play on !

I dont remember that quote well…. so any error is sincerely regretted. But my only request would be to play pakistani music. Cos thats what I am listening to these days. Big time. I dont mind either� given the only talent (or should i say business acumen) of Himesh reshamiya scoring on all music charts. Trust me I have been to like 5 music websites and all of them had his songs as top downloads.

I must say he has a great business sense (oh should it be music sense too ??). He first comes out with an original score with his original nasal talent. Caters to� a specific genre of people and then goes ahead and remixes his own songs before anybody else could even think of it and� gains the attention of the rest of the crowd. Smart move. I like this guy� !! **wicked smile**

Lately I have taken a liking for pakistani music. Earlier the only pakistani singers I ever knew was nusrat fateh ali khan� for obvious reasons. But their talent has really struck me. I have fallen in love with the pakistani pop/rock/ sufi/ qawalli music. Strings, Fuzon, Abida Parveen, Shehzad Roy, Ghulam ali, Mehndi Hassan, Jal, The Call, and many more. Each song so different and distinct from the other that you can actually appreciate their originality. Unlike the remixes (Himesh gives a run for their money to DJs too)� and takeoffs (Anu malik and Himesh too)� happening on the Indian front. Best part is to see Indian music directors copying from the music industry of� our not-so-friendly neighbour. :-)�

Today I love pakistani music more than Indian music barring a few� golden era songs, even my collection today boasts of more pakistani stuff and I have no qualms in saying that !!

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  1. wats in a name says:

    i only wish tat some reason turns out to be good enuff to end this bitter cold war…..i am glad its music for u…i dont give a damn whether its wasim akram’s or comedians or musicians tat ends this but hope this gets ended …..

    I am no great fan of pakis..or a muslim or a politician …i donot proclaim to be a big deshbhakt either coz i hardly do stuff worthy of tat but still have lil bit of common sense to realize what is worth n wats not..just a normal human being who understands wasting life n precious money on border is worth nothing…..even when we live in so called civilized world …kargil still happens once in a while….

    all scientists says things go to equilibrium in the end…if kargil n afghanistan r ne instances to believe than we r far from the state of equilibrium….

    If someone is this world can teach all just one lesson of NEVER TO KILL NE ONE…..n so stuff which eventually leads to someones death ….world wud be really beautiful ..

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