ICICI bank branch in Karaikudi

I know half of you (infact more than that) would be wondering where the hell is that?

Well it seems they have a branch there in tamil nadu which their system search simply refuses to recognise. Today I went to them to get a DD made which would be payable at Karaikudi. But was shocked when was refused by their executive on the context that they dont have a branch there. Fortunately unfortunately, I had got a DD made for the same place from the same branch (GK) of ICICI from another executive sitting on the very same seat.

I was the one who had to give that poor girl, the details of the last cheque through which I had got the DD made so that she could locate her ICICI branch. And voila she finally realised that THEY DO have a branch there, 6069, which somehow their search refuses to show up !

Its not just the problem with that particular ICICI branch, but a common problem with all ICICI banks, as a friend of mine experienced the same refusal in another branch of ICICI.

I really hope they mend this search error, or they might be returning customers on a false pretext cos they do have a branch in the lesser known city of India!!

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